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How to Connect with Other Poshers to Grow Your Business

Community love is what makes Poshmark such a strong platform to make sales. Sure there’s tons of helpful features built into the app and the company simplifies the process by taking care of the backend of the system, but it really is up to YOU to keep the PoshLove flowing. Your sales depend on it, to be quite frank.


– Sharing the Love in the App –

Fueling Poshmark sales has always been tied to sharing not only your own listings on a daily basis, but by also sharing the listings of fellow Seller Stylist in the app. The principles are simple when it comes to seeing the benefit to sharing other’s listings:

  • The more you share your own listings, the more your followers will see your items in their feed.
  • The more you share your PFF’s listings, the more likely they will return the shares so that their followers may also see your items in their feed, even though they may not yet be following you.

The simple idea of “Sharing the PoshLove” is the most organic way to grow your followers, likes, and sales since it gives your shop the opportunity to be seen by new users who may not have found you before. Chances are, if you are sharing someone else’s listings it’s because your like their style…it’s a natural tendency that if the other user shares your items to their followers it’ll likely attract them to your shop since you have similar shop styles.

17546838_1705772696106261_6243959761991414656_oWith the recent switch from Suggested Users to  the Posh Ambassador program, 5,000 shares of other users items is required to qualify for this coveted status which automatically promotes your shop to new users. An additional 200 shares per month is required to keep your place in the program. With these guidelines, it’s a great reminder to keep sharing the love! Learn more here.


– Connecting In Real Life-

While sharing in the app is a great tactic to gain followers, likes, and hopefully boost sales, it’s important to remember that there are actual amazing people behind the beautiful online shops in Poshmark. Meeting face to face to connect with your favorite boutique or brand owners could change the game for your as a fellow seller. Connecting with likeminded people, sharing ideas and tips with one another is an incredible way to grow your business!


Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 5.17.40 PM.png16177921_1619588468058018_7507677990781212964_o

-Posh N’ Sip-

If you’re looking to connect with other Poshmark sellers in your region, Posh N’ Sip events are the perfect place to start! Organized by an actual users, these informal meet ups are held as a kind of meet and greet to be able to share your passion for selling within the app. Whether you’re looking for tips on where the best local thrift store is in your area, or just starting on Poshmark and need some in real life help getting things set up, the amazing Seller Stylists who organize these events are some of the friendliest and most helpful users in all the app. Learn more about Posh N’ Sip events in your area here!



-Official PoshNation Tour-

In early 2017, Poshmark’s corporate team decided it was time to hit the road and throw a bunch of in real life PoshParties to connect with the ever growing community! I was lucky enough to attend the San Diego, Los Angeles, & flagship San Fransisco parties this year. Usually held at a rooftop bar or a swanky lounge in a downtown area, TeamPosh knows how to put together an amazing evening complete with a DJ, raffles for PoshCredit and wholesale starter packs to sell in your shop, and a chance to mingle with Manish, the amazing CEO of Poshmark! Watch out on the official Poshmark blog for announcements on when they’ll be headed to your city!




-PoshFest Annual Conference-

My absolute favorite way to connect with the Poshmark community is at the annual conference PoshFest where Seller Stylist from all across the country come together to learn new selling tactics, share success stories, and make long life PFF’s (Posh Friends Forever). This incredible conference is filled with useful workshops where users can choose topics they are interested in strengthening in order to grow their businesses.

The inspirational Co-Founders, Manish & Tracy, always have a few tricks up their sleeves and no doubt  share insider information about where the incredible selling platform is expanding to and how us as sellers can prepare to be even better sellers in the app! Being able to meet the faces that make up Poshmark’s corporate team is such a treat – connecting with Poshmark as a company makes you realize that it’s not all about dollar signs and how many sales you’ve made. It’s about connecting with people and sharing the incredible passion for personal style while being able to empower each other!

After a hard day’s work learning at the conference and networking with other Seller Stylists, you can dance the night away at the ultimate Posh Party with all your new friends! The pinnacle of the conference these past two years has been the incredible Fashion Show featuring styles from top wholesale brands you can stock your boutiques with. If there’s only enough room on your calendar to go to one event, PoshFest is the one you’ll want to be at! To see more, be sure to checkout my PoshFest 2017 Re-Cap post here.


18056265_1730139957002868_2874357882182662050_oTake Action:

  • Start sharing beautiful listings from closets and boutiques that you love within the app.
  • Connect with Poshmark users in your area by heading to a Posh N’ Sip or a PoshNation event. Check the Poshmark Blog for meet up & party dates.
  • Be sure to bring your business cards and get ready to make some new PFF’s that’ll help share your shop in the app to level up your business!


Can’t wait to meet more of our amazing community members soon!

xo, Kate @wearinla | @shopwila


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