Poshfest 2017 Chicago ReCap


Poshfest 2017 – the biggest Poshmark Conference to date since making it’s debut in 2013! This year’s sold out conference was held in the beautiful city of Chicago! Buzzing with excitement and gorgeous outfits at every turn, the Poshmark team and community came together to share, learn, and most of all love.


Poshmark’s School of Style ushered in a wave of fresh faces blending with inspiring PoshBosses from all walks of life, bringing them together to celebrate and continue inspiring their hard work as fellow Poshers. With highlights as amazing as the PoshMarket, PoshParty, Fashion Show, and CEO Manish’s famous State of the Posh Union session, this year’s PoshFest was complete with many panels featuring power sellers teaching fellow Seller Stylist how to successfully use Poshmark’s app & connect with the community to build their own success.




On Saturday afternoon, the entire 10th floor of the venue was turned into a marketplace displaying fantastic merchandise from brands who help boutiques to stock up on trendy pieces via the Wholesale Portal. We were so excited to show off our latest fall collection at PoshMarket and be able to connect with the community directly to answer questions and inspire new boutiques to grow their shops!

We received so many compliments on our wholesale collection saying that our items were even better in person & that they were some of the softest fabrics they’ve ever felt! It truly was such a fun experience being able to connect with boutique owners to encourage them to build up their shops on Poshmark!

Shop our WILA wholesale collection in the app to grow your boutique! @shopwila



-Fireside Chat with Six-Figure Boss Babes-

This year, I had the immense honor of taking the main stage with the incredible Amanda Weiss @theamandaweiss & fellow #PoshBoss Evelyn of @ocposh30 to speak on the intimate panel titled, “Fireside Chat with Six-Figure #PoshBoss Babes”. It was incredible to be able to share my own story of how I’ve built my Posh empire from the ground up in order to inspire other Seller Stylists to keep working hard!

In this panel, I shared how like many users, I unassumingly clicked on a Facebook ad and fell down a crazy rabbit hole into the world of an app that has become my greatest career passion! Personally, I felt as if I was able to connect with each and every person who was at the conference because I have explored so many paths of selling on Poshmark.

My own journey has included selling out my own clothes as a closet, thrifting to resell hidden gems, scoring great deals at big box retailers and flipping for a profit, trying out the China sourcing route to start a boutique, researching local vendors, and ultimately finding a method that worked to build up my successful boutique and eventually curating a wholesale line in the Poshmark Portal.

As a wholesaler and boutique owner, I feel fortunate to know the in’s and out’s of this platform and use the key information I’ve learned as a boutique owner to guide new and graduating sellers to create their own successful boutiques! And now, I’ve started a blog to continue my efforts of living in the light of true PoshLove by giving back to the community by way of real life actionable tips for you to build your success on Poshmark!

Boutique | @wearinla

Wholesale | @shopwila




-The Ultimate PoshParty-

This year, Poshmark threw the ultimate PoshParty at the hottest nightclub in downtown Chicago, ROOF at The Wit! The highlight of the night was most certainly the Poshmark Fashion Show featuring amazing brands from the Wholesale Portal, including yours truly WILA @shopwila in the app. (You can stock your boutique with our featured satin floral printed romper here) Even Poshmark’s incredible CEO, Manish joined in the fun and walked in the Posh Fashion Show! With 4 parties a day in the app, Poshmark always knows how to turn up the glitz and glam to make it a total experience when it comes to hosting real life Posh parties! You won’t want to miss the fun next year!


Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.26.23 PMposhfest_blog_hackathon_header

In true Posh style, everyone at the conference was let in on some amazing new features that were built during the live Hackaton. They released 4 new features that will help sellers to list faster, give automatic shipping discounts to buyers, and make sharing faster than ever! You can read all about these new features on the official Poshmark blog. We’ll be sharing more on each of these fantastic features after they are officially launched and we play around with them more!


Looking forward to meeting more of you next year & working closely with you until then!


xo, Kate @shopwila


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