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Gaining Poshmark Followers With a Purpose

At the end of the day, you want as many eyeballs on your fresh listings as possible…this is where growing your follower count is very important!

Why You Should Be Actively Looking for New Followers?

Your follower count is an important aspect of creating success on Poshmark’s selling platform because that’s how you guarantee your items are being shown in people’s daily shopping feeds. If you’re not gaining new followers, then it will just be the same people who see your items day in and day out. Chances are if they’ve seen it a few times and haven’t liked the listing or purchased it yet, they probably won’t be attracted to it in the future. That’s where the importance of gaining new followers comes in. So how do you actively spend time finding new followers without feeling like you’re taking a shot in the dark?


Who should you be targeting?

Most of figuring out who your current ideal customer is means looking at the items you are currently selling in your shop. Using the various tabs under the Feed page, you can easily find users who are more likely to become your customers. Consider the following when looking for new followers:

– Do You Stock Popular Brands?

For example, let’s say you carry a fair amount of items that are all the same brand – let’s use Nike as an example. To find others who also have an interest in Nike, go to the Shop tab, under the Brands section click ‘All Brands’, search for the brand you are selling, for instance Nike, and follow the brand at the top of the page.

Now you can easily find others who are interested in the same brand you are selling. Go back to the Feed tab, click on the top left hand corner icon with the person and plus icon, 4 rows down will be “My Brands”, click and continue to click on Nike, and from there you will be presented with a list of people who are also into the same brand as you are selling. You can easily use the filters to get more detailed from there.


– What Sizes Do You Have Stocked?

To really get closer to finding your customers, consider the sizes you are selling. Are you selling mostly specific sizes? Mostly smalls, only plus sizes, specific shoe sizes, only to men? Use the filters to find other people who are the same size and show them some love with some shares and don’t forget to follow them! More than likely they’ll come take a peek at your shop…and possibly find something new for themselves!


 – What is the Seasonality of Your Items?

Always consider the seasonality of your items and where these pieces could potentially end up around the country. You’re probably not going to sell a heavy winter coat to someone based in San Diego or LA…but NYC might be a great place to target! Use the “My City” tab under the Feed tab, (person with plus icon in the top left) and 5 rows down you’ll see “My City” to find users to follow and interact with in specific areas. Use Google to look up common zip codes for cities around the country and input them here to find users in areas that are more likely to purchase and wear you specific items. Again, share the love with some shares and a follow and you are on your way to making friends with potential customers.


Sharing Others Items To Gain Followers

Like I shared in a past post,

Fueling Poshmark sales has always been tied to sharing not only your own listings on a daily basis, but by also sharing the listings of fellow Seller Stylist in the app. The principles are simple when it comes to seeing the benefit to sharing other’s listings:

  • The more you share your own listings, the more your followers will see your items in their feed. Thus having a large amount of followers means you will have more people seeing your items.
  • The more you share another user’s listings, the more likely they will return the shares so that their followers may also see your items in their feed, even though they may not be following you…YET!

The simple idea of “Sharing the PoshLove” is the most organic way to grow your followers, likes, and sales since it gives your shop the opportunity to be seen by new users who may not have found you before. Chances are, if you are sharing someone else’s listings it’s because your like their style…it’s a natural tendency that if the other user shares your items to their followers it’ll likely attract them to your shop since you have similar shop styles.



Commenting on Others Listings to Gain Followers

Like the whole Follow-for-Follow idea that basically suggests you follow as many people as possible in hopes that they’ll follow you back, mass commenting is a method I’ve seen others use.

Let me just get real here for a minute…If you have a copy and paste message that you’re slapping all over my listings I will not respond and most likely report you for spam and block you so I don’t have to deal with it again. The idea of writing the same thing to every one is a poor marketing tactic that comes off as spamming in the first second you look at it. Instead, leave a comment with a purpose!

So you find a user who you’ve decided has some cute listings to share, you share them, possibly follow their shop, and now it’s time to leave a comment! Not just a copy and paste “cute closet check out mine…” kind of message, but a genuine and thoughtful message by the likes of “Hey there, your style is super cute!” or “Absolutely love your shop – great covershots!” Anything that is positive and kind without asking for anything back. Basically, sending good vibes knowing that what you put out into the world will eventually be sent back your way!

Commenting after sending some good vibe shares their way is a sure way to know that they saw you were in their shop, since Comments have their own space in the notifications page that show up right along side “added to bundle” and “made a sale” sort of notifications AKA the important ones.

Encouraging New People to Follow You

Many new users on Poshmark are eager to buy! That’s great news for you as a seller because you can capitalize on their ‘ready to buy’ attitude. In my own experiences, most of the sales made to ‘new users’ have been straight forward sales with no offers made, just a straight buy. That’s always awesome!

In the app, when you are in the ‘Feed’, click the top left hand corner of the person with plus-sign icon, 7 rows down you will see “New People”. You can easily point them out when out their profiles they most likely won’t have a picture up, will still have the general pre-made ‘Meet the Posher’ message, in addition to the ‘Posher since 2018’ label.

In the Facebook groups, many people have shared that they will go to the “New People” lists and follow as many people as they can and leave a nice “Welcome to the community” sort of message in their closet. Personally, I’ve tried this and have seen that many new users appreciate the welcome and are more than likely to follow you back and check out your shop.

poshfest2016-day1_web-2-38.jpgThe Importance of Authenticity

I can’t say it enough, but authenticity is everything you do on Poshmark and is key to your success. At the end of the day you want to be kind and be true. Marketing towards people doesn’t have to feel generic, it’s when you don’t show that you truly care about your potential customers that your marketing efforts will be overlooked. When you’re looking to share others items, actually pick items that you believe are beautiful. If you’re going to try the commenting idea, don’t just copy and paste; be honest and encouraging without being generic or asking for anything. Like Manish always says, “If you focus on love, money will come. But if you focus on money, nothing will come.”


I hope this post will encourage you all to be active in your search for new followers and that these tactics will help to bring in many new friends and customers to your shops! Feel free to leave your own ideas below in the comments!


Take Action:

  • Start sharing beautiful listings from closets and boutiques that you love within the app.
  • Take time to look through your shop and see if you carry many specific brands or sizes & start targeting users with similar interests.
  • Consider leaving a nice comment after you send shares to PFF’s (but remember just compliments – never ask them to check you out!)


xo, Kate @shopwila






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  1. Hi! I love your clothes on Poshmark and this article is great! I am working on becoming an Ambassador and I really want to be successful! Thank you for being so kind and God bless!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I strive to put out positivity in a really useful way for girls like you who are workin hard to make it big on this platform! You can do it!

  2. OK. I found the “person and plus icon,” but I followed the instructions below and was never able to obtain a list of people.

    “…4 rows down will be “My Brands”, click and continue to click on Nike, and from there you will be presented with a list of people who are also into the same brand as you are selling. You can easily use the filters to get more detailed from there.”

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