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Why You Should Start Stocking Your Poshmark Boutique with Swimwear NOW

With the start of a new year, many people are eager to revamp their Poshmark shops, and with good reason! Winter may feel like it’s never-ending for some of you around the country, but spring and summer are righhhht around the corner! Time to start thinking of how you’ll stock your boutique with new seasonal items!

Why You Should Start Stocking Swimwear ASAP!

Right now is the best time to start stocking your boutique with swimwear and summery items. When you’re the first up on the scene to stock the coming season’s styles, more often than not you’ll be the first to make the sale too! You also have to remember that many large states stay warm year round. (Over here in California we’re sunshine all the time – don’t forget Texas, Florida, Arizona, and of course those lucky bitches in Hawaii!)

Take Full Advantage of the Selling Season

Early stocking means you’ll have a larger window of opportunity to sell seasonally specific items. If you wait until mid season, then you’re cutting down your time to sell drastically. Not to mention that as we get further along into the season many buyers will expect items to go on sale and possibly low ball you with offers. In short, stocking up on swimwear now means that you’ll most likely have higher profit margins and chances to make the full price sale. (High profit margins = more money in your pocket!)

Many brick and mortar stores do not have a large stock or swimwear yet, which turns Winter Getaway shoppers to Poshmark where they know they’ll have a higher chance of finding a cute swimsuit for their vacation.

Spring Break is Right Around the Corner

It’s important as a shop owner to anticipate your buyer’s needs. Posting early means you’ll be the one to guide them into the new season with fabulous styles first. Spring Break is quickly approaching – many girls will spend months planning out the perfect wardrobe before they flock to Miami Beach or Cabo for a few weeks of precious freedom and sunshine! It’s smart to have your Poshmark boutique ready to make these sales so that your buyers can be fully prepped when the first days of sunshine hit their states!

Chase Away the ‘Winter Blues’

If you’ve ever lived in a cold weather state then you might be familiar with the ‘winter blues’ that so many people experience when it’s just too cold to get out and really enjoy yourself like you would in summer! I lived in Colorado for a few years and let me tell you – seasonal depression is REAL! By the time Christmas was over I was practically dying to bask in the sun at the pool with a margarita in hand… I had to do something to really shift my mindset from being cooped up in the house or crazy bundled up in the snow to really shake off those blue feelings. So I would start shopping for my spring and summer wardrobes ahead of time online!

Retail Therapy is a real thing guys! I would always focus on my summer wardrobe and start shopping all the colorful sunshine styles ahead of time to help get rid of my ‘winter blues’. If you’re stocking your shops now with these styles, who knows – you might be helping others around the country to get excited about their summer wardrobes and effectively ending their winter blue moods too! Gotta share that PoshLove, am I right?



xo, Kate @shopwila

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