Poshmark Selling Tips

What To Do After You Purchase From the Poshmark Wholesale Portal

Congrats, you’ve taken the first steps towards curating your boutiques style by purchasing WILA wholesale items! First off – Thanks for your order!! What’s next? Follow these steps to start making sales right away!


1. List The Items 

As soon as you’ve placed your order with us, screenshot our photos and list it as “Coming Soon” in your shop. We always allow use of our photos after purchase – this makes it easier for you to list instantly and Since all of our photos are professionally photographed, they’ll add a clean look to your boutique. (How to screenshot on iPhone/Android)


2. Set the Price

On your “Coming Soon” listing, we suggest setting the ‘original price’ to the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) and the “sell for”price at a crazy high amount. (For example $1,000) This will ensure no one will purchase before you have the item in hand ready to ship and will allow you to start gathering likes on your new styles!


3. Use Keywords in the Title

In your title, use an emoji after the words “COMING SOON” in your title to catch people’s attention so that they can like the items and wait for you to announce the arrival of the new styles being ready for purchase. While your at it, add a full description of the item & don’t forget to mention that you have a Bundle Discount offer!



4: Mark the Brand as WILA

Don’t forget to mark the item for sale as the brand WILA! Since we are an official brand in Poshmark, every so often there are WILA branded parties for the morning slot (9am PST) you can share into for extra exposure to make more sales!


5: Share, Share, Share!

Even though your items may be in transit to you from our warehouse, take advantage of the fact that you have your listing all set up and start sharing it alongside your available items. This way you can continue to collect likes until you announce its arrival!


6: Accept Order & Leave a Love Note

As soon as you receive your package, ensure the order is correct and “accept”your order via the app. We love hearing your feedback and sharing your 5 star Love Notes with all of our customers, so please do leave feedback when you accept your orders!


7: Announce Arrival & Drop Price

After you’ve confirmed your order to be correct, it’s time to announce the arrival of your new styles and start making sales! Chance your title from “Coming Soon”to “Now In”, “New”,or “Now Available” to let people know the item may now be purchased. Personally, I like to use all caps and a colorful emoji to grab people’s attention! If you have anyone who commented asking to know of the arrival, don’t forget to tag them and let them know it’s available for purchase now!


Use the Price Drop tool (go to the listing in your shop, scroll to “Price Drop” button on bottom left hand corner) to adjust the sale price down to the correct MSRP. For those of you who are new to this feature, it will automatically send an in app notification and an email to every user who has liked that specific item letting them know it’s available and ready for purchase! Additionally, it will offer anyone who purchases the item within the first hour discounted shipping!


When you are first setting up your listing, don’t forget YOU CAN USE OUR PHOTOS & the wording of our title to make sure it has all the right keywords to attract buyers and work within the Poshmark system. We often can provide sizing charts upon request, so don’t forget to ask for those after your purchase from us so you can also post those on your listing!


By the way, if you’d like to stock this sweater in your shop you can purchase a pack via the Wholesale Portal here!

xo, Kate  @shopwila